Residential Solar Energy Projects

Do-it-yourself residential solar energy projects are great ways to save energy

In fact, solar energy for homes can make your home energy savings so high that you couldn’t call it home energy savings anymore…you’d have to call it something like…Free Energy”

Residential Solar Energy ProjectsThe problem with adding solar energy panels for most people is that it’s not very cost effective.

When residential solar energy panels are installed by solar energy companies it can set you back over $30,000 and take almost 30 years to get paid back, depending on the current energy tax credits and your local utility rebates that may be provided for your area.

Who, in this economy, has that much time and money to invest in solar energy equipment?

Most homeowners don’t even live in their houses that long any more.

So you probably want something that’s going to be cost effective and is worth investing in…

The most cost effective way to utilize the suns energy is by building your own solar energy panels..

How Much Can You Save by Doing-it-Yourself?
Let’s take a look:

You can make a solar panel yourself for about $200.

Each solar panel that you install on your house can produce around 120 watts of power.

The approximate annual household energy consumption for a 3 bedroom house is around 7500 kwh per year. That breaks down to about 20.5 kwh per day which would need around 64 small solar energy Panels.

64 panels times $200 equals $12,800.00. That’s about a third of the cost that solar energy companies charge. That’s about a $20,000.00 dollar savings. And you did it on your free time, at your own pace, and within your budget.

But your solar energy project savings don’t stop there…

One of the added benefits is that your home value will go up because of the added savings built in.

Installing Residential Solar Energy Panels
It’s Easy To Do!
Most people, when thinking about Solar Energy For Homes, feel like it would be difficult for them to put together there own solar energy system. The truth is, it’s pretty easy as long as you have a little time, elbow grease, and the right directions.

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