Save Energy

You mean…I don’t have to pay for my electric bill anymore?

Yes…that’s right! In fact, instead of paying for energy used, you could actually receive a check from your local utility company for the energy you produce.Home Energy Savings

Below and on the following pages you will discover some simple strategies to save money on utilities as well as some advanced and creative ways to save money on your electric bill… (Actually, I should say…”make you money on your electric bill”)

Yes, you heard it right…we have accumulated some outstanding money saving ideas for your home energy savings. Some of which can actually make you money!

First we will talk about energy efficient light bulbs, the best energy efficient windows, and include some general home energy-saving-tips to help make your home a “Lean-Mean-Saving-Machine”.

Then we will explore the facts about solar energy.

Answer the question: How does solar energy work?

Discuss the advantages of solar energy.

Provide you with a list of solar energy companies in your area, and present some residential solar energy projects (for all you do-it-yourselfers out there).

Last, but not least, we will discuss some other alternative energy sources along with the energy tax credit you will receive when installing one of these energy saving devices.

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