eToro – Different Brokerage Company

Although it is a pretty much young brokerage company, eToro has become one of the fastest growing trading companies in the world. Today, this company operates in more than 140 countries worldwide, whose platform use more than five million regular traders. If you had an opportunity to work with them, then you already know why they are so popular. eToro is not just the ordinary brokerage company. They are simply different. They have a very specific approach when it comes to education of their clients. We all know how online trading difficult can be. Guys for the company made an effort to educate their clients and explain complex things in a funny and amusing way.

We think it is simply outstanding. Trading with CFDs and binary options is extremely complex and stressful job. And if someone manages to make it easier and fun, we just have to give credit to him. And people from eToro deserve our congratulations.


Safety is probably the most important thing that should be checked before we choose our broker. The good news for all those who are planning to trade with eTorro is that this company is considered as highly reputable and safe for traders. The owner of this company is US based firm Tradonomi LLC, which operates under NFA’s supervision and has a number of national and state licenses. Apart from this, the company has implemented high-end security standards, including the famous SSL technology, whose main purpose is data encryption. In addition, you can be sure that all your confidential data, including deposit status, credit history and earnings, will not be shared with third-party companies.

This broker is really trying to make some changes in the old- fashioned way of trading. For example, they insist on social type of trading, which is based on the usage of the popular social platforms. Similar to the content creation and sharing on the social platforms, eTorro’s trading platform functioning in a similar way. This means that you can communicate with other traders and change your personal experience with them. Every user can contribute to the group with his opinion on certain topics, which is great, both for starters and more experienced traders. So, if you want different approach in a binary option trading or CFDs, then you should definitely try this eTorro’s platform. Forget about the old- fashioned methods and become the part of the merry and successful eTorro trading family.

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