Energy Efficient Light bulbs

Installing energy efficient light bulbs throughout your home is one of the many ways to save energy and one of the more practical ways to save money on your utilities.Energy Efficient Light bulbs

In addition to replacing your old energy consuming incandescent light bulbs with your new energy saving light bulbs, try making it a habit to turn your lights off each time you leave a room. But don’t let the energy savings stop there…

If you have a string of say (4) lights in a particular room, you might consider utilizing just two of the light sockets in that room if it provides sufficient light for your needs.

So what are these new and improved light bulbs called? They are called “Compact Fluorescent Bulbs”, and they truly do “Outshine the Rest”!

These are readily available at your local supermarket and department stores. Although they will cost a little more to put them into your home…….”The Benefits are ELECTRIFYING!”

These energy saving light bulbs put out as much as four times as many lumens per watt. So, if you purchase say a 25 watt fluorescent bulb, you will have as much light as if you were using a 100 watt bulb of the standard incandescent bulb. With this lower wattage use, you will use less electricity and save money.

In addition, these energy saving light bulbs will last you about ten times longer then standard light bulb will.

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  • August 9, 2016 at 3:06 pm


    I’m surprised you glossed over LED lights. When LEDs last at least twice (as much as five times) as long and use less energy than a CFL, one would ask “Why not use them?”

    Is price alone enough to stop LED lights from becoming the standard? Doubtful when you consider the health concerns whenever a CFL bulb is broken. But when have you ever broken a light bulb, right? I know, too many times to keep track of.

    But when it is a CFL bulb, you’ll remember, because the mercury inside is hazardous. The mercury is hazardous to you, your family, and pets. Plus it’s a hazard to the environment when broken or simply burned out bulbs get to the landfill.

    There are no such concerns with LEDs. The only concern is price. And with more people choosing LED, the more manufacturers will enter the marketplace with innovative and competitive methods to make and bring them to customers.

    Price is the main issue, for now. But when you factor in the longevity plus the safety, the LED still becomes a clear winner.
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