Energy Efficient Light bulbs

Redefining Credit

Redefining Credit in the Twenty-First Century

There was a time not that long ago when credit was a dirty word, when “reputable” people either bought what they needed by paying cash for it or went without. My, how times have changed. No longer must a person…..

List of companies which provide solutions for alternative energy sources

The Energy Tax Credit

The Energy Tax Credit

For Your Home The Energy Tax Credit is one of the best ways to save money on your taxes involving home improvements. Here is a basic run down of how the tax credit currently works and which products are eligible……

Energy Efficient Windows

The best energy efficient windows are the ones that keep the heat in during the winter months and the cool air in during the summer months. However, many windows allow for air to pass through them easily. Which can be…..

Residential Solar Energy Projects

Do-it-yourself residential solar energy projects are great ways to save energy In fact, solar energy for homes can make your home energy savings so high that you couldn’t call it home energy savings anymore…you’d have to call it something like…Free…..

Energy Efficient Light bulbs

Installing energy efficient light bulbs throughout your home is one of the many ways to save energy and one of the more practical ways to save money on your utilities. In addition to replacing your old energy consuming incandescent light…..