Redefining Credit in the Twenty-First Century

Redefining Credit in the Twenty-First Century

There was a time not that long ago when credit was a dirty word, when “reputable” people either bought what they needed by paying cash for it or went without. My, how times have changed. No longer must a person deny themselves even the most frivolous trinket until they have the cash with which to purchase it; they just whip out one of a stack of credit cards and shop to their heart’s content. Read more

Water Heaters- How to Reduce Energy Costs?

Water Heaters- How to Reduce Energy Costs?

Heating your home can be expensive. Heating water can also cost a lot of money. Most people think about their heating system when they are trying to cut energy costs; however, many people do not think of how much energy a poorly functioning water heater can expend. In fact, according to the website, your water heater costs approximately 18 percent of your total energy bill. Water heaters are the second largest Read more

Insulate Your Home And Save Money

Insulate Your Home And Save Money

You probably don’t spend a lot of time thinking about insulation. After all, it just sits in our walls, silently biding its time. Then, along comes a chilly draft, a three digit utility bill, or super-hot or sub-zero weather. Suddenly, you are thinking about it all the time.

You find yourself sitting at home wondering if it is a good idea to add insulation to your basement, walls, and ceiling. You wonder which density is best, which width, thickness, and type would delver the best value. And, once the installation is complete, you wonder if you have done enough. Read more

List of companies which provide solutions for alternative energy sources

alternative sources of energy
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The Energy Tax Credit

The Energy Tax Credit

For Your Home
The Energy Tax Credit is one of the best ways to save money on your taxes involving home improvements.

Here is a basic run down of how the tax credit currently works and which products are eligible.

1. Tax credits are available at up to 30% of the cost, with a cap of $1,500 in 2009 & 2010 (only for existing homes, not new construction, and must be your principle residence) for:

  • Windows and Doors
  • Insulation
  • Roofs
  • HVAC
  • Water Heaters
  • Biomass Stoves

Tax credits are available at 30% of the cost, with no upper limit, through 2016 (for existing homes & new construction – this doesn’t have to be your principle residence, for:

  • Geothermal Heat Pumps
  • Solar Panels
  • Solar Water Heater
  • Small Wind Energy Systems

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Alternative Energy Sources

Alternative Energy Sources

Alternative energy sources (also called “free energy”), are here to help us reduce pollutants, greenhouse gasses, and preserve many of the natural resources that we currently use for energy production.

These renewable energy sources include solar power energy, wind power energy, geothermal energy, and hydroelectric energy.

Not only are these great ways to save energy and our environment, but two (2) of them, in particular, are an excellent money-saving ideas for home energy savings. Read more

Energy Efficient Windows

The best energy efficient windows are the ones that keep the heat in during the winter months and the cool air in during the summer months.

However, many windows allow for air to pass through them easily. Which can be a huge part of your energy usage.

In fact, those with windows that are not providing a good amount of insulation can be losing up to 30 percent of their energy usage…”Right out the window!”

The Candle Check

You can’t always feel or see a draft from your window.Energy Efficient Windows

So take a leaf blower to the outside of your windows.

Inside your home, run a candle slowly along the edges. Notice where the candle moves. If there is movement from any area, then this is an immediate problem that’s costing you money.

Once you have an idea of where the problem areas with your windows actually are, you can remedy them by replacing or adding caulking around the interior or exterior of your home’s windows.

Consider weather stripping as well. You can purchase self sticking foam as well as rubber weather stripping that can be added to virtually any window.

Should You Replace? Read more

Residential Solar Energy Projects

Do-it-yourself residential solar energy projects are great ways to save energy

In fact, solar energy for homes can make your home energy savings so high that you couldn’t call it home energy savings anymore…you’d have to call it something like…Free Energy”

Residential Solar Energy ProjectsThe problem with adding solar energy panels for most people is that it’s not very cost effective.

When residential solar energy panels are installed by solar energy companies it can set you back over $30,000 and take almost 30 years to get paid back, depending on the current energy tax credits and your local utility rebates that may be provided for your area.

Who, in this economy, has that much time and money to invest in solar energy equipment?

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Energy Efficient Light bulbs

Installing energy efficient light bulbs throughout your home is one of the many ways to save energy and one of the more practical ways to save money on your utilities.Energy Efficient Light bulbs

In addition to replacing your old energy consuming incandescent light bulbs with your new energy saving light bulbs, try making it a habit to turn your lights off each time you leave a room. But don’t let the energy savings stop there…

If you have a string of say (4) lights in a particular room, you might consider utilizing just two of the light sockets in that room if it provides sufficient light for your needs.

So what are these new and improved light bulbs called? They are called “Compact Fluorescent Bulbs”, and they truly do “Outshine the Rest”!

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Home Energy Savings

Most of us homeowners have some big and some small things that we can do to save money on utility bills. Whether you just want to drop a few dollars off your bills by installing some energy saving light bulbs (that’s a good penny pincher idea), or whether you want to install some solar energy panels (a good dollar stretcher idea), doing just a few of these things can make a tremendous amount of difference on your home energy savings.Home Energy Savings

Did you know that most folks lose up to 30% or more of the energy in their home without the need to? They might as well just take a $50 bill and flush it down the toilet every month…It’s the same thing if you think about it!

Save Money On Utilities
The good news is that you can save money on utilities without it being over challenging or over costly. In fact, some of the simple things that you can do are as easy as flushing a toilet…ha ha…no pun intended. There are some creative ways to save money that will cost a decent amount of money to implement into a home. These are usually the type of money saving ideas that can save you a great deal of money.

On the following pages we are going to show you some money saving tips and tricks that you can do right away to save money on your utilities. That’s right, were going to show you how to save money fast!

First we will start with some of the easiest ways to save money and then we will work up to the larger home energy savings. Read more

Save Energy

You mean…I don’t have to pay for my electric bill anymore?

Yes…that’s right! In fact, instead of paying for energy used, you could actually receive a check from your local utility company for the energy you produce.Home Energy Savings

Below and on the following pages you will discover some simple strategies to save money on utilities as well as some advanced and creative ways to save money on your electric bill… (Actually, I should say…”make you money on your electric bill”)

Yes, you heard it right…we have accumulated some outstanding money saving ideas for your home energy savings. Some of which can actually make you money!

First we will talk about energy efficient light bulbs, the best energy efficient windows, and include some general home energy-saving-tips to help make your home a “Lean-Mean-Saving-Machine”.

Then we will explore the facts about solar energy.

Answer the question: How does solar energy work?

Discuss the advantages of solar energy.

Provide you with a list of solar energy companies in your area, and present some residential solar energy projects (for all you do-it-yourselfers out there).

Last, but not least, we will discuss some other alternative energy sources along with the energy tax credit you will receive when installing one of these energy saving devices.

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