Getting The Best Quote For Servicing And Repairing Your Car

Getting The Best Quote For Servicing And Repairing Your Car

In times of financial struggles, people often neglect to take care of their vehicles properly, hoping that they will save a few pounds if they don’t fix a minor problem with their car. This is a huge mistake, as one minor car repair now may save you buckets of money in the future. A simple analogy would be the human body. Let’s say that you have anaemia. It is no big deal; almost everybody has experienced mild anaemia in their lifetime. But, if you neglect to take care of the anaemia, the low red blood cells can and will cause major health problems in the future. The same situation applies to the health of your car. A properly serviced car is not only a good way for you to save some money; it is also a very important safety requirement. By neglecting your car, you put yourself and other drivers in jeopardy. It is a real shame to keep your car in a potential hazardous state, when there are so many helpful car service and repair sites that will help you take care of your car at the lowest possible cost. One such excellent site is They have many partners in the car industry from all around the UK and can help you find the best deal for repairing your car.

How does MyCarNeedsA work?

Getting a quote for a car servicing is very easy with MyCarNeedsA. You just need to enter your registration number and explain the problems you have with your car and their partners will bid to do the work that you need. After the bidding is closed, you can choose the best bid for you – no matter if you choose the cheapest, the most convenient one or the one with the best overall service.

How much will it cost to get quotes from MyCarNeedsA’s partners?

Not even a penny. Using MyCarNeedsA car service is completely free for you. They are paid for their services by the service providers/bidders, as they also get the chance for making new customers. The goal of MyCarNeedsA is to make the process as easy and convenient as possible for you, and it is completely free! The only thing they want from you is to leave a feedback. It is not mandatory, but they will appreciate it if you took the time to do so. After all, they are going out of the way to satisfy your needs, why not repay their benevolence with simply writing a few words about your experience with them. Even if it was an unpleasant one, stating your opinion will help them make your future experience better and more satisfying.

What happens after you accept a bid?

Once the bidding is closed and you have chosen the best deal for repairing or servicing your car, MyCarNeedsA will send your contact details to the service provider you have chosen. Do not worry about providing MyCarNeedsA with your contact details; they won’t share your information with any other service provider, just with the one you have chosen to repair or service your car. After the service provider has contacted you, you arrange all the details with him. You pay for the repairs only after the job has been completed.



5 Must Have Apps for Entrepreneurs

5 Must Have Apps for Entrepreneurs

Running a business means being able to get the most out of every opportunity, with as less expenses as possible. This is especially applicable to organizing your staff and office. People have enormous potential and true leader is the one who knows how to get the most out of it. Technology can really help with this. There are some truly inexpensive (some of them free) apps out there that can be of great help with starting and organizing your business.

Here are a couple of them:

Pocket Expense

This is a personal finance app, but it can be really handy for small business and up and coming entrepreneurs. Starting a business means going to a lot of meetings, business lunches and basically spending money to make money. It’s easy to lose track of all this, especially if your setting up an office in the process. Pocket Expense can help with that. It has an intuitive interface, it can track multiple credit cards and when you want an overview and analysis of your spending – you can get that too.


A lot of work is based on familiar routines. But when you’re just starting, you don’t have these set up. That makes it harder to allocate resources. Time tracking software can help you figure out how long it takes to do a certain task or how long is an optimal break. After you acquire these information (for every employee and every sector individually), you get a clear overview of the way your employees spend their working hours. Yasts is an app which does just that and it’s great for small and medium-size business.



Organizing a shift schedule used to be a lot of work. With Shiftplaning it’s basically automatic. Having a well organized schedule makes your office more productive and your employees happier and protected from burnout syndrome. Shift can be organized collaboratively, so your employees can pitch in and make arrangements based on their particular circumstances. This app is also available on all devices and platforms – which means you don’t have to organize a big meeting to let everyone know about future plans. Budgeting based on the amount of work hours is also done within this one app.


Good manager knows which tasks can be delegated and to whom. There is an app that can be of great help with delegating and following up regarding particular tasks. Productiveev works on all devices and platforms and it can manage businesses of all sizes. Once you assign a task to a specific employee, you can set alerts, milestone and follow the progress in real time. It can also be filtered by different criteria, allowing you to assign the task based on location, expertise and amount of work employees already have on their plate. This helps with bringing newer employees up to speed and easing them into a job.


Work isn’t everything. It’s important to maintain a balance with your personal life. Try to eat healthy and exercise regularly. Don’t forget to have hobbies and goals outside of work as well. All of these need to be tracked and organized. Streak is an app built just for that. It’s based on don’t break a chain principle, which can apply to almost any activity that needs to be repeated. It comes with notifications and reminders and can be used on your computer or any mobile device.

Having the right tools makes every job easier. These apps will help you start and maintain any business (large or small) in any industry. Just remember – no apps can be a substitute for having a good team of employees.