Alternative Energy Sources

Alternative energy sources (also called “free energy”), are here to help us reduce pollutants, greenhouse gasses, and preserve many of the natural resources that we currently use for energy production.

These renewable energy sources include solar power energy, wind power energy, geothermal energy, and hydroelectric energy.

Not only are these great ways to save energy and our environment, but two (2) of them, in particular, are an excellent money-saving ideas for home energy savings.Alternative Energy Sources

Hydroelectric Energy
Hydroelectric power refers to using water to generate electricity.

When a running river is compressed to a single location (like a dam), pressure increases and when released, this flood of water is used to turn turbines or water wheels which in turn drives an electric generator.

Hydroelectric energy accounts for approximately 7% of the electricity used by our nation.

Geothermal Energy
Geothermal energy comes from the internal heat of the planet and is used to generate steam or water to run a steam turbine which creates electricity.

Geothermal energy currently accounts for less than 1% of our power needs.

The Wind Power Energy
Wind turbines are usually mounted on tall towers (where the winds are faster).

As the blades turn, the shaft turns a generator which generates electricity. This electricity can be utilized for individual use, for contribution to your local utility company, or both.

This is one (1) of the excellent money saving ideas for home energy savings (discussed above) if you’re located where there is an average wind speed of 10 mph or more.

Wind power currently supplies around 1% of our electrical needs.

Solar Power Energy
Solar power energy works by trapping the sun’s rays into solar cells which are converted to electricity.

Solar energy panels installed on your home is one of the best money saving ideas for home energy savings period!

Currently, solar power provides less than 1% of our energy needs. However, it’s one of the most resourceful sources of energy for our future.

So as you can see…We are not utilizing our alternative energy sources to the extent that we should.

Instead of relying on Big Business and Uncle Sam to supply us with our energy needs, we should become more energy independent by installing wind turbines and solar energy panels in our homes before our planet heads into an unstoppable blackout.

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