Advantages of Solar Energy

The advantages of solar energy are truly remarkable. Not only is it one of the best ways to save money on utilities, it’s a great way to utilize an alternative energy source to help our environment.

Just look at the benefits…
Solar Power Energy is Everywhere
The sun provides us with an unlimited supply of solar power energy to use day in and day out. It is a totally renewable source of energy that we can ultimately call “Free Energy”.Advantages-of-Solar-Energy

Solar Power Energy – Free Energy
Harnessing our energy from the sun, is by far one of the best money saving ideas known to mankind.

After your initial solar energy panel investment has been recovered, the solar power energy that you produce from the sun’s rays is absolutely free…….courtesy of the sun!

But the advantages of solar energy (the sun) doesn’t stop there…….

If your solar energy panels produce more energy than you use, you can feed this energy back to your utility company and “bill them for it!” Um…doesn’t that just sound refreshing?

Even better than the money savings is the wonderful impact that solar power energy will have on our environment and future generations to come.
roth-9.27.2012-2Environmentally Friendly
Solar Energy Panels
Solar power energy is not only economically friendly, it is a clean, renewable, and environmentally friendly. (Unlike your unsustainable fossil fuels of gas, oil, and coal.)

Fossil fuels damage our environment by polluting our air with carbon dioxide, nitrogen oxide, and other greenhouse gases that contribute to global warming.

Not to mention that our planets natural resources are running out at an alarming rate. (Eventually we will run out!)

But it doesn’t have to end that way…….

By harnessing the power of the sun, which again is “Free Energy”, we will never run out of energy. In fact, our reliance on fossil fuels can be reduced in direct proportion to the amount of solar power energy that we produce.

With the world’s constantly increasing demands for our traditional energy sources (fossil fuels), and the increased costs associated to this demand, not only makes solar power energy a necessity, but at the present…makes solar energy panels cost effective! Solar power energy is our future!

Affordable Solar Energy Panels
While solar energy panels are still relatively expensive, the technology and production is growing by leaps and bounds. As a result, the costs involved are coming down to the point where payback times can be as short as five years (or less if you consider building your own solar energy panels).solar-energy-advantages-disadvantages

Especially when you consider the energy tax credit and solar energy grants the government gives along with the rebates you can claim from your local utility provider.

After your initial investment, there is virtually no further costs associated with your solar power energy system.

In fact, solar energy panels are practically maintenance free and will last for decades, even if you live in a remote area…

Solar Energy Projects – Remote Areas
Solar energy projects are great for remote areas that are not connected to energy grids. Instead, your solar energy panels operate entirely independent. This is much more practical and efficient than the costs associated with installing power distribution lines.

With all of the advantages of solar energy it’s no wonder that more and more people are turning to the solar power energy alternative.


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