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Link to UFABET. Enjoy online casinos without worry. Because we have a Call Center team that is ready to take care of you closely, every step, do not sleep.

Whether it is a member application, deposit-withdraw instant transaction Or inquiring about usage and receiving promotion privileges Online betting We value transparency, not hinder.

We are very pleased to allow all customers to try out all our games and services without any hidden conditions and costs. Our website is open for new members 24 hours.

Which you can easily join to play with us within 15 minutes, along with receiving bonuses, credits and promotional discounts that are not available elsewhere Do not let problems contacting or depositing – withdrawing are obstacles in your happy time.

Which today we will take you to get to know One type of game that has a lot of feedback. Once satisfied and played Charming game characters Attracted us to play and didn’t want to stop

Plus when to place bets Won the bet when there

 Want to know what the game is? If you want to know, we will tell you that it is to play big heads or guess the image, the equipment used to play the picture boards or 4 types of animal picture boards.

Note 1 – 4 for the stab under the picture. If it is not convenient to use, write the name of the animal instead. Cover the box or matchbox. And the size label to put in the box cover or matchbox By making an image or writing in letters to match the pocket for stabbing

How to play

  1. The organizer of the play (the dealer) will put the nameplate in the matchbox and place it on the panel.
  2. Players will place bets on the speculative image. By reading observations from the dealings of the dealer and changing the other numbers
  3. The dealer waits until the player places the bet on the exact image and then opens the box. Guess the dealer. Eat. If predicted by the dealer, pay as follows: Number 1 or the first animal image Use as one or the number 2 or the second animal image. Use double or number 3 or the third animal Use three times or number 4 or the image of the fourth animal. Quadruple

How are you? I said that the game is very fun. Kor. Million chickens. Importantly, new members who apply to like to play in the game guessing images. Because it’s easy to play, quick money, because placing bets every time, winning every time. If you want to have fun like this, come

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