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Pantip online betting For today, we will bring you the “Malay lottery”. This word, all the gamblers have heard. While also having a chance to win prizes many times Some people want to know what the Malaysian lottery is. What does it look like? And how to play like the Thai lottery or not … liverpool

Today, we have the answers. Let me say that before, Malaysian lottery is not illegal in any way. Because the Malaysian lottery is a legally issued lottery of Malaysia … The method of playing is similar to Thai lottery, but there are only 4 numbers, which means money. And the lottery rate With a greater percentage than the Thai lottery itself For the purchase of Malaysian lottery tickets

If buying all 4 items, must pay by cash. But if anyone wants to buy only one, two or three, then can do it With a higher pay rate There are more ways to bet. With the Malaysian lottery going out every Wednesday, Saturday, Sunday, or even for a special day Also known as “Magnum”, which will announce the results of the lottery on that day at approximately 6:00 pm onwards. There are 23 prizes for 4 numbers. ข่าวบอล


The 1st prize is called A1. It is called A-1.

The 2nd prize is called B1, read as B-One.

3rd prize is called C1, read as C-1.

4th prize, 4th prize has 10 prizes

The 5th prize, the 5th prize, there are 10 prizes

Play in 4 specific ways

A1 is called A-1 prize money of 4,500 / 1 baht

B1 is called B-One. Prize money 4,500 / 1 baht.

C1 is called C. One prize money 4,500 / 1 baht


If directly issued, the 1st prize is 3,000 / 1 baht.

If issued directly, the 2nd prize is 2,000 / 1 baht.

If directly issued, the 3rd prize is 1,000 / 1 baht.


If directly issued, the 1st prize is 2,000 / 1 baht.

If directly issued, the 2nd prize is 1,000 / 1 baht.

If straight out, the 3rd prize is 500/1 baht.

If the direct prize is awarded 4, get 250/1 baht

If the direct prize is awarded 5 is 75/1 baht.


Is to play back every goal can be played for all prizes such as

Small set (Chon) Read that small set

Large set (Chay), read that large set

Set ABC1, read as ABC One set

For anyone who has bought a Thai lottery that doesn’t seem to be cheap Turned to play the Malaysian lottery Your fortune will definitely get money with Malay. Come to experience new horizons Hard to touch here. Fun, joy is in your hands. Which one you like, choose now.

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